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RUE "Gomeltransneft Druzhba"

Structure of the enterprise

Currently the company's structure is represented by six oil pumping stations (head – linear production dispatching station Mozyr, pumping station “Gomel”, “Zascheb′e”, “Turov", “Pinsk”, “Kobrin”, “Central base production” (manufacture of non-standard equipment, complex repairs pipelines, content transport and special equipment),  recreation  Milograd,  food production complex, administrative apparatus. Number of employees-1 400 people.

Enterprise “Gomeltransoil Drushba” operates 656 kilometers oil line (from the Russian-Belarusian to Belarusian-Polish border), which includes oil diameters 1020, 820, 720, 630 and 530 mm. Only single-strand rate company operates almost two thousand kilometers of pipelines.  Route all pipelines passes through 8 districts of Gomel region and 8 Brest, through the territory of 38 subjects in the Gomel region and across 60 subjects in Brest region, through the territory of 98 users. 

Instrument park is about enterprise 5 thousand instruments banal manometer to complex chemical detection device. Technical modernization of enterprises contributes almost full computerization of jobs, creating new technologies to automate all working systems that ensure throughput. This naturally requires a new level of knowledge. Therefore, another sign of recent years — necessity of new approaches to enhancing skills in general education and professional work. This is embedded in various forms, including, and in universities, where in 2005 has 28 druzhbincev and another five full-time students learn from enterprise cooperation project, research institutes. Knowledge reduces the probability of a faulty decisions when defining promising technological tasks.

Upgrading of qualifications when implementing new technology significantly increased technological culture and its overall status in the enterprise. Last vetting carried out every three years, once again convinced that the main value of the enterprise people working on it.

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