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Ecology, Quality, Accident prevention


The quality policy, labor and environment protection JSC “Gomeltransoil Druzhba”

Motto: quality, reliability, and security is the basis of the JSC “Gomeltransoil Druzhba”.

Our strategic goal is to achieve a high level of quality services for oil transportation, protection of life and health of workers, environmental safety.


  • centricity is continuous learning requirements and customer satisfaction with the quality of services on transportation of oil;
  • continuous improvement in the planning and organization of all production processes, taking into account the minimize negative impacts on the environment;
  • to protect life, health workers and people living in areas of the Organization;
  • minimising risks and prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases;
  • ensuring the functioning of the systems for monitoring and quality control services, occupational and environmental safety;
  • improving the competitiveness in the market of oil transportation services by achieving recognition JSC “Gomeltransoil Druzhba” nationally and JSC “Gomeltransoil Druzhba” based on retraining and improving the qualifications of personnel;
  • the introduction of eco-efficient and energy-saving technologies and techniques, rational use of material, labour and financial resources;
  • constant improvement of the quality management system, OSH management systems, environmental management systems in accordance with the requirements of the standards of the Republic of Belarus STB ISO 9001-2009, STB ISO 18001-2005, STB ISO 14001-2005;
  • support contacts with public authorities and the public desire for constructive dialogue with all interested parties on issues related to policies and activities of the organization in the field of quality, safety and the environment.

Guide the JSC “Gomeltransoil Druzhba“ obliges and bears responsibility for the provision of funds and resources for the implementation of this Policy, maintenance and improvement of the quality management system performance, health, safety and the environment, development and support for the internal environment in which staff are fully involved in the organization.


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